Intro to La Famiglia Futsal Club more than just a Prosessional Club

Posted by La Famiglia FC on Feb 20 2016 at 02:43PM PST

La Familglia Futsal Club is the culmination of a lifelong dream among family members. Our ultimate goal is to bring beautiful, professional futsal to the Bay Area, and along the way, provide outlaying communities with the opportunity to play Futsal and grow together through sport. La Famiglia FC is a group of family members whom of which, all have grown up playing soccer and futsal together in the Bay Area. Along the way we have also added many of our close soccer friends from over the years. La Famiglia FC is really a family of soccer and futsal players, coming together to promote something special. We all love to play the game and believe it can be a great vehicle for peace, unity, diversity, community, and positive change not just in the Bay Area, but all across the nation and world.


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