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L a Famiglia are in contention for first place as they play Knowens June 25th. It has been a heated rivalry as La Famiglia lost regional championship and season opener. La Famiglia is looking to defeat knowens to clinch a playoff birth to MLF playoffs and 1st place in the western conference. Come out and support as it will be an exciting game to watch.

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Redwood City, CA – 05/19/16

La Famiglia FC will be traveling to Portland this weekend to face off Portland FC. In a long month of training La Famiglia FC has been intensively preparing for the match. Hoping to come back with a win and one step closer to 1st place. La Famiglia FC is looking to implement their style of play they have been working hard to perfect. Each day of training that goes by the team looks stronger, more confident, and more united to face the challenges that are up ahead.

Keep on the look out for the link of the live stream

Game: Saturday, May 21st, 2016
Time: 7:00pm
Link: TBD
Location: Rose City – 5010 NE Oregon St., Portland, Oregon 97213


La Famiglia FC have joined Major League Futsal for professional season of 2016. La Famiglia FC will be joining the Western Conference were they will face Bay area rival San Jose Legends. Keep an eye out for the announcement of La Famiglia FC on Major League Futsal website and on Facebook.


La Familglia Futsal Club is the culmination of a lifelong dream among family members. Our ultimate goal is to bring beautiful, professional futsal to the Bay Area, and along the way, provide outlaying communities with the opportunity to play Futsal and grow together through sport. La Famiglia FC is a group of family members whom of which, all have grown up playing soccer and futsal together in the Bay Area. Along the way we have also added many of our close soccer friends from over the years. La Famiglia FC is really a family of soccer and futsal players, coming together to promote something special. We all love to play the game and believe it can be a great vehicle for peace, unity, diversity, community, and positive change not just in the Bay Area, but all across the nation and world.


On February 2nd, 2016 La Famiglia FC and Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula join forces to give back to the Community. In the summer of 2016 La Famiglia players will be volunteering coaching the youth at the boys and girls club to keep the youth of the streets and keep developing the sport of Futsal. The Boys and Girls club see this as a great opportunity to get more kids interested into the program and the sport. The Boys and Girls club didn’t even think twice about this opportunity and will be proving La Famiglia a training facility at the Redwood City Boys and Girls Club. La Famiglia is very excited to give back to the Boys and Girls club just like when we were young they gave to us.